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At Millfoods we believe
in transformation.
With revolutionary technology, we boost our process efficiency, from the seeding of non-GMO corn to the end product. We take the best from nature, elevating it to provide high value products and services.
Our seeds are the origin
Our Mexican corn grains are is beginning. Our non-GMO production processes promote a carbon neutral and sustainable agriculture, with products that reach more than 180 countries.

We promote food security, ensuring our raw material is of Mexican origin.
Improving the quality of life of Mexican corn farmers.
We created a farmer’s fund, through which we will provide financial and technical support to improve the livelihoods of Mexican farmers in El Bajío region. We also contribute to sustainable agriculture practices that minimize water usage, along with other resources.
people benefitted in the field
small and medium-sized farmers supported
Are you a corn producer?We know how to support you. Find out how.
Providing Tailor-made Solutions
Our grain processing capacity allows us to adapt to the specific needs of every customer.
Non-GMO Nixtamalized Corn Flour
Non-GMO Nixtamalized Corn Flour:After processing the corn grain with unique technologies that preserve more nutrients, we obtain a natural corn flour with the distinguishing flavor of tortilla flour, and consequently, corn tortillas.
Grits de Maíz non-GMO:
Son la porción más grande y dura del grano de maíz desgerminado y en consecuencia con bajos contenidos de grasa, son el resultado del molido en seco y clasificado para consumo humano. Se utiliza en cereales para el desayuno, sémolas y harinas para la industria de cereales para el desayuno, la industria botanera y la industria cervecera dependiendo del tamaño de la partícula del grano de maíz.
Non-GMO Degerminated Corn Flour
Degerminated corn flour is highly versatile and used in a wide variety of food products. For example, it is used in baking, cereal production, beverage and soup mixes, cookies, seasonings, sausages, and many other products. Thanks to its nutritional properties and mild flavor, degerminated corn is an excellent choice to enhance meals.
Non-GMO Animal Feed Flour
Animal Feed Flour (A.F.F.) is a popular product across various sectors of the food industry. Pig farms, feedlots for cattle fattening, dairy farms, and animal feed manufacturers are among the primary consumers of this product.

Due to its nutritional properties and quality, this product is highly valued in these sectors and serves as a key ingredient to ensure proper and balanced nutrition for animals.
We can help adjust our products to your specific needs.
Competitive Superiority
Incomparable Efficiency at the Corn Epicenter
Being the largest and most modern non-GMO corn mill in the world is not a simple fact – it is a competitive advantage.

Our strategic location in the heart of the Mexican corn belt, together with our efficiencies of scale and avant-gard processes, position us as the most competitive option in the market for our customers.
Join Millfoods
We are looking for innovative and passionate talent to join our inclusive team and help us revolutionize the agriculture industry.